Basic Science Departments – This review will analyze funding sources for the basic science departments at UCDH, with a focus on comparison of funding for compensation between the departments.  


UCD Health Administrative Review – The purpose of this review will be to identify the highest strategic and operational risks facing the UCDH from an administrative and financial perspective and assess the existing strategies to mitigate those risks. As part of our review, we will survey executive management opinions on UCDH accomplishments and opportunities for growth and improvement, analyze the financial results of UCDMC operations and cash flow monitoring from FY2013 through FY2017, evaluate SOM discretionary funds management, and reviewed UCDMC/UCDMG performance and patient satisfaction measures.


UCD Health Committees - AMAS participates on several committees charged with a variety of activities including overseeing privacy and security compliance and UCDH operations/facilities compliance; overseeing compliance with rules and regulations regarding professional fee billing and the Executive Compliance Committee at UCDH.