ACL Analytics and Transition – AMAS will be utilizing ACL to obtain and analyze data for various projects throughout the year.  This project will provide the resources to develop and catalog the ACL scripts for use in current and future projects and potential continuous controls monitoring projects.  Additionally, AMAS will be developing ACL expertise in additional staff during FY18.


External Audit Coordination – AMAS is responsible for the external audit coordination function.  In addition to guiding departments through audits performed by outside concerns such as funding agencies, AMAS also gathers data to facilitate and expedite the external reviews.


Faculty Start-Up Funds –.Across the university’s schools and colleges, deans’ offices use several different methodologies for allocating faculty start-up funds.  For example, some schools/colleges hold start-up funds centrally while others push funds down to faculty member accounts.  This project will rely on data mining and interviews to review, consolidate, and report on campus practices regarding faculty start-up funds.


IT CommitteesAMAS participates in various IT related committees, including the cyber-safety risk assessment committee, and the IT security committee.


Law Fellow Development - Each year AMAS employs a Law Fellow who works as a member of the AMAS team on group and independent projects.  These hours are for the work performed by the Law Fellow.


Quest (McClellan) Data Center – UCD Health and UC Davis have enhanced their IT services being delivered by the Quest Data Center.  UCD Health is dependent on the Quest Data Center as back-up to the Quincy, Washington Data Center while UC Davis campus units are moving critical business functions to Quest.  This review will emphasize the operational and security controls being used to manage the Quest Data Center.