Accounts Payable – This review will focus on internal controls surrounding purchase orders.  An area of particular focus will be assessing the risks involving confirming purchase orders and split purchase orders.


Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) IT Operations – The CDW contains instruction related data on students, courses and instructors.  This review will focus on IT operations and data security controls being used to manage the CDW platform, and will assess whether there are opportunities to improve IT services.


Financial Aid – This audit will focus on undergraduate financial aid operations in the Financial Aid and Scholarships office.  We will review processes and internal controls designed to ensure compliance with university and Department of Education regulations and requirements.


Student Accounting –. Student Accounting is responsible for assessing, billing and collecting student tuition and fees, which represent a significant portion of university fund sources.  This audit will review internal controls surrounding the assessment, billing, and collecting of student tuition and fees.


Temporary Employment Services (TES) – TES places employees with clerical/administrative, service, and other specialized skills in university departments that need temporary support staff.  A FY17 audit project revealed that expanded use of TES staff may represent a means for campus units to improve efficiency and/or realize cost savings by, for example, having TES staff process lower risk transactions.  This review will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operations of TES.


Vet Med Teaching Hospital (VMTH) – This audit will focus on the business operations of the VMTH.  After conducting our risk assessment, we will review the efficiency and effectiveness of VMTH operations deemed to be of highest risk.